Save time & money with a new way of working together.

Instant multi-site meetings has never been easier

Compodium Account

A Compodium Account user can initiate a virtual meeting and invite other participants (guest users). Guests do not need a Compodium Account to participate. Virtual meetings can be broadcast live and/or recorded for On-Demand HD playback.

  • Client software for all major platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android)

  • Your own meeting room for up to 25 participants. (guest do not need an account of their own to participate)

  • Document and content sharing

  • Chat (for desktop users)

  • Full compilance with traditional video conferencing systems (H.323, SIP)*

  • Join the meeting by dialing in with a phone

  • First line premium support

*max 3 simultaneous H.323/SIP connections per account