Virtual meeting services

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Compodium Account

Your personal Account with a software client. You can host as many meetings as you like with up to 25 participants.


Virtual Meeting Rooms

We offer virtual meeting rooms to meet your demands. We support all major protocols incl. H323, SIP, Lync/Skype for bussiness and more.


Assisted Virtual Conference

Sometimes a virtual meeting may require planning and other arrangements. Compodium offers extended services were we take responsibility for testing and connecting all meeting participants.


Global video conference room rental

Get access to an existing physical video conference room anywhere in the world. More than 4000 rooms accessible by the hour.


Video Conference Equipment Rental

Rent the necessary equipment for usage in your existing conference room or event site.


Recording and Live Webcast

Live webcast and recording of the virtual meeting. The recorded meeting can be reviewed on-demand via Web TV.


Infrastructure Services

We deliver services in video conferencing infrastructures. Everything from a full deployment to more simple gatekeeper hotels.