Terms and Conditions

Current services

§1 Compodium undertakes to provide and deliver the services the customer bought from Compodium.


§2 Order of the service should be through Compodium website www.compodium.se or through Compodium sales contact. If the request is made less than 24 hours before the required service start there will be a one time administration fee added.

Cancellation of managed conferencing

§3 An ordered service can be canceled up to 24 hours before the start of the service. (For any external rental of premises, equipment etc. there will be a cancellation costs according to the supplier's rules). In cases where the cancellation is made later than 24 hours before the start of the service will be charged 50% of the cost as well as 100% of any local, equipment and the like. Other cancellation can be agreed separately.

Termination of subscription

§4 Compodium applies the 12-month period. The subscription is automatically extended by 12 months if the subscription is not terminated 3 months before expiry date. Other cancellation rules can be agreed separately.


§5 Current prices specified by Compodium.

Billing and interest

§ 6 Invoicing will be in US$ or SEK depending on the market and payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. A delay in payment gives Compodium right to charge default interest of 1.5% monthly as well as compensation for any collection charges, reminders and the like.


§ 7 Compodium strives to always deliver the services and that it will be delivered seamlessly with the highest quality and that all information provided will be accurate. However, Compodium is never responsible for indirect or overhead costs associated with delay, interruption or similar.

§8 Compodium is responsible up to the total amount the Customer paid for the service of the direct costs attributable to the direct damages that the Customer incurs because of the delay, interruption or the like that is not attributable to the Customer or its partners.

§ 9 Compodium can not guarantee that its websites / servers can be used without technical disruptions and can not be held responsible for damage caused by technical errors on the website or its links.

§10 Compodium is not responsible for the quality of service or the execution of the test is not performed if the requested information is not received, if received data is incorrect or technological and / or problems of the Customer and / or its counterparty. Additional limitations of liability may be agreed separately.


§11 Both parties are exempt from liability in cases where problems or disruptions to the fore because of the circumstances that party or third party has no control such as natural disaster, fire, accident of a comprehensive nature, labor dispute, or the like.


§12 User identities for Compodium virtual meeting services are personal and may not be lent to others. The holder of an identity is personally responsible for everything that is done under the identity. It is not allowed to grant or sell Compodium virtual meeting services to other persons or organizations.

§13 Password must be chosen carefully so that they can not be easily guessed. Never give out your password to anyone.

§14 information and data sent to others must follow accepted ethical rules and not violate laws and regulations.

§15 In the event the Customer is abusing the services Compodium provider has Compodium right to block all services with immediate effect.

§16 Compodium also has the right to block all services immediately if a customer paid the invoice despite a reminder and an additional 10-day grace period of sending a reminder.


§17 The customer is responsible for the codes and passwords obtained from Compodium stored safely so that they can not be abused. The customer is obligated to immediately notify Compodium where abuse of these codes and passwords feared. This responsibility applies until a request for access has been blocked Compodium provided.

Personal information

§18 The customer gives consent to the data being stored with Compodium. Customer is responsible in relation to Compodium to all users of services of Compodium providing the requisite consent for the storage of data. Customer is responsible for the content of any personal data and other information sent to Compodium.

§19 The customer is also responsible for acquiring the necessary permits to receive, disseminate or store the above information and that it follows the law, administrative regulations and court rulings. Customer shall ensure that any information communicated in accordance with this rule may not damage Compodium. Customer is liable towards third parties for any damage and can not demand accountability from Compodium.

Immaterial rights

§20 All rights that are protected by copyright or similar must always accrue Compodium and thus there is no transfer of rights under this agreement or use of Compodium services.


§21 Disputes arising from this Agreement shall be finally settled by a general court at Luleå District Court under Swedish law.