Distributed events allow participants their choice of where and how.

Connect multiple event locations with multiple levels of interaction.

With over 15 years of experience connecting businesses and people across the globe, Compodium’s legacy stands strong as a
reliable, time-tested and trustworthy business partner.

Distributed event scenarios.

Pre-defined, recommended—but fully customizable—event setups.
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Maximize reach and exposure—let the world know.

If your organization has yet to arrange a press conference, now is the time. We'll make it simple for you.

Maybe you've done several physical press conferences but it seems as though only the local media bother to show. Maybe you want to reach a specific demographic or press influence located far from your city or even in another country.

Maybe the entire world could benefit from knowing what you know?

In the base setup the press conference is streamed live from one main location to Web TV viewers only. Marketing of and registration function for the event are included. Viewers are able to ask questions and provide other feedback via chat, e-mail, twitter or phone. The entire event is recorded.

Let your shareholders know that you care about them.

To better address those who can't or won't travel to your shareholder meeting in person you now have the option of passing on that huge event hall or auditorium in favor of a virtual, more inclusive alternative. Instead of reaching 10% of your shareholders (which is the statistical norm for physical shareholder meetings) you can reach everyone, wherever they are, simply by demanding less effort on their part. 

Bring the world to you.

In its base setup a shareholder meeting includes on-site video recording of the event, followed by video editing and chapterization for Web TV-enabled playback (public or private—your choice). Relevant assets like presentations, videos and documents are collected.

Now everyone can attend—no matter where they are.

Large organizations with employees and key partners distributed across multiple cities and countries around the world face challenges both with regards to day-to-day interactions and responsibilities, as well from a team-building perspective.

You can't change the fact that distance separates you. But there are ways to work closely together in spite of it.

Internal Monthly Review by COMPODIUM

In the base setup the host speaker is recorded on-site via remote control by COMPODIUM. Video editing and post-production and relevant assets such as presentation videos and keynote/powerpoint slides are collected.

Whether you prefer to pull your own weight or a take-no-chances approach (where you get everything served and managed by professionals) we'll supply you with everything you need.

Let's get started on your next distributed event.