Distributed event services.

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Main event location (speaker and audience)

Physical main event location with room for both speaker(s) and audience.


Additional (connected) event locations

Add additional event locations connected by Virtual Meeting.


Complete video and audio technical solution

Complete technical solution regarding quality video and audio for existing offline locations.


On-site media technician

Professional technician to ensure smooth operation and a successful event.


Project Management

Event planning with regards to both technology and personnel (e.g., a remote location speaker to present the event).


Market communication

Marketing surrounding the event, i.e. advertising.


Web TV User registration and authentication

We'll supply a seasoned professional to moderate, direct and represent the event.


Multi-camera video production

Professional filmphotography with multiple cameras.


Web TV video recording

Web TV video recording for re-broadcast or on-demand playback.


Web TV live stream

Broadcast live via public or private Web TV.


Realtime audience feedback and voting

Feedback collection through webcast chat, twitter, e-mail, televote or text message.


Video editing and post-production

Editing and post-production of the recorded content. The video material is then made available for on-demand viewing via Web TV.


Web TV on-demand

Metadata settings (for search) and uploading the video material for private or public on-demand viewing on the Web TV.


Post-event summary report

Surveys, interviews and summary report after the event with feedback and analysis.