About Compodium

Bengt Grahn - CEO and founder

Bengt Grahn - CEO and founder

Compodium's mission is to deliver reliable solutions for effective online collaboration to organizations, businesses and governments.

As organizations strive to meet efficiency requirements on strained budgets and people everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of travel, travel-free meetings present a better and more logical alternative. We now understand how networked solutions contribute to effective collaboration and higher productivity.

While politicians demand sustainable practices and more efficient use of taxpayer money, and corporations work with these issues as a matter of strategy, Compodium can draw from fifteen years of experience and present a solution that works—today.

We have the answers. We know how to create a meeting culture that agrees with both people and the environment.

Reliable, independent and experienced

Compodium stands unique in the industry as we are independent of infrastructure operators and product suppliers—a key factor in our role as advisors and solution providers for large organizations. We are accredited with the EU and UN, and have a framework agreement for service delivery to all Swedish counties and municipalities, beyond our over 200 individual clients. 

We provide virtual meeting services for education, telemedicine, e-health, interpreters for spoken language and sign language, video in court and much more. In addition, we have planned and executed over 200 large-scale distributed events over the past 12 years.

You already know that this is a good idea

The typical Compodium-client is already aware of the benefits of travel-free practices and now need help to fully implement these in their day-to-day activities. Our services are designed to help organizations establish new behavior by establishing more modern, working processes across the entire organization and their immediate partners and customers.

Quality through solution hosting

In order to provide organizations with the best possible conditions for driving through a fundamental change in travel and meeting behavior, and to ensure a secure and hassle-free workflow, Compodium offers to act as host for your organization's virtual environment. We strive to constantly improve our solution and our approach by leveraging innovative and attractive services based on leading technologies, and to be responsive to our clients' reactions, desires, needs and requirements.

We are the reliable, secure and personal option for travel-free meeting solutions. We pride ourselves in precision and passion, professionalism and broad technical and pedagogical expertise. 

Cloud services from the most sustainable place on earth - Luleå

The Compodium cloud services are served from Luleå, county of Norrbotten, Sweden. Perfect conditions. Bespoke solutions. Welcome to the ideal location for data centers and high-tech industry. Facebook has also chosen Luleå for its first datacenter outside US, this is how they motivated their decision: 'we concluded that Luleå offered the best package of resources – including a suitable climate for environmental cooling, clean power resources, available land, talented regional workforce and supportive business and corporate environment.'